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Founded in 2018, Integrative Peptides creates innovative best-in-class products that meet the highest standards for safety and purity at a fraction of the cost.

Prior to 2018, consumers in need of peptides were faced with three choices: going through a physician and getting their peptides compounded at a high cost; buying “for research only” peptides that come with serious safety liability, poor purity and authenticity concerns; or having to forgo using peptides altogether.

Integrative Peptides was founded with the goal to solve this dilemma, and our mission is to deliver our customers the following:

  • The purest peptides — even when the cost of doing so may impact margins
  • Creation and introduction of only the safest products
  • Implementation of the highest standards for third-party testing

In an industry where consumers can be easily fooled by fake peptides, deceptive marketing, low-grade products, dangerous not-for-human products and exorbitant pricing, we are dedicated to distinguishing ourselves as the peptide company you can trust.