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Are you ready to become pain free for life?

Our mission at Pain Free for Life is to end needless pain worldwide.

After 50+ years of combined clinical experience seeing patients suffering from incapacitating pain finally experience lasting relief, leading pain relief expert Dr. John Hache, his life partner, Dr. Lorry Hache, and their son, Dr. Robert VanBergen, have committed to bringing awareness, information, resources, community, expert support and safe, effective therapies to people who are tired of suffering from chronic and intractable pain.

In collaboration with Avazzia, makers of the preeminent microcurrent therapy devices on the market today, the Haches designed a fully customized patient protocol based on The Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution™. Next came the work of designing and augmenting the devices to ensure that patients receive the best results possible using their technology.

Thus, the Avazzia Life brand of microcurrent devices was born. The Avazzia Life line has been specially designed and curated to meet the needs of The Haches’ exacting standards based on their decades of experience and hands-on clinical practice.

The Haches, Dr. Rob Vanbergen and Avazzia are continuing to work synergistically to deliver groundbreaking microcurrent therapy innovations, protocols and trainings that help to naturally eliminate pain for 1.5 billion people worldwide.